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BOMA® produces self-adhesive products: double sided tapes (BOMA TAPES) and single-sided vinyl tapes (BOMA GRAPHICS).
BOMA® bases his vision on excellence in production, with a strong push for innovation and environmental sustainability.
The flexibility and the constant efforts in research and development of new products and continuous improvement of technologies, enable timely responses to customer needs and market developments, with on-demand solutions.
The factories are located in Villesse where finished products are made- rigorously made in Italy . They are directed to the domestic market (about 30% of sales) compared to the rest of Europe and East Community (served with approximately 50% of turnover).
The market outside Europe (Asia, Australia, Africa and the U.S.) represents about 20% of sales.


The double-sided tape is a permanent or temporary mounting system that continues to establish itself in many different fields of industry, replacing the traditional mechanical or glue systems.
The market for double-sided tape is diversified into two major segments: industrial and DIY (do it yourself).
The industrial applications include a wide and ever changing reality: the automotive industry and marine craft, construction and production of photovoltaic panels, the paper industry and manufacturers of plastic films, but also furniture industry and refrigeration together with major household appliances.
The DIY market segment is targeted at large retail chains and technical shops, where to find, for example, double-sided adhesive tapes for fixing carpets and expo tape, foam adhesive tape for vertical fixings as well as a wide range of double-sided and single-sided tapes for paper and cardboard industry.

The company also offers a wide range of single-sided vinyl tapes for the market of visual communication: digital printing, engraving, automotive design, glass decoration and interior design.

BOMA® locates its production facilities in two plants differentiated for the coating process and situated in Villesse (GO). In both plants the production is scheduled in a continuous cycle five days a week.
BOMA1 - It 's the original site which has a total area of 20,540 square meters (7,483 square meters are covered). This plant is addressed to the coating of rubber-based adhesives, the slitting department, the technical department and the headquarters (administration and commercial offices).
BOMA2 - It 's the additional site of 3,512 sqm (covered area of 1,610 sq m) built in 1999. This plant is addressed to the coating of acrylic adhesives and solvent based adhesive.