Plastic Films and Foils

Web processing

Tacon offer a complete line of single sided and double sided tapes for web processing operations such as coating, laminating and converting that present difficult splicing conditions. Tacon tape is able to supply tapes which provide superior adhesion to ''difficult-to-adhere-to'' surfaces such as plastic films, poly-coated paper. silicone treated Inners. Non-woven and other low-energy surfaces.

Main performance features of our tape range are:

Heat resistance to withstand numerous drying and cooling cycles.

Outstanding strength to tolerate varying web tensions.

Adhesion to a wide variety of substrates at high line speeds.


Tacon tape product range includes:

Double sided tapes for automatic splices and web repair

Single sided tapes for manual and automatic butt splicing.

Single sided tapes for roller wrapping and belting

Single and double sided tapes for core starting and roll closure.


Typical Applications:

Splicing in extrusion coating, laminating, flexible packaging. aseptic packing. silicone and barrier coating operations.

                                      -Webprocespicture Release Liners

- Pressure Sensitive Label stock

- Coated Abrasives & Fabrics

- Extrusion Coated Materials

- Films & Foils

- Decorative emanate

- Non Woven Fabrics


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