Velcro Industries

Velcro Industries develops smart solutions for everything that needs to be adhere to one another. The long-term goal is to be the market leader in hook and loop fasteners. VELCRO®: A problem solver in a surprisingly easy and elegant way.


With pride we can tell you that Tacon® is an official dealer of VELCRO® products since the beginning of 2015.


VELCRO® : specialist in hook and loop fasteners
Ever since George de Mestral’s invention of hook and loop in the 1940s, the VELCRO® brand has represented hook and loop material and characterized other connecting products of the finest and most trusted quality. The VELCRO® mark is the subject of over 200 trademark registrations in over 150 countries worldwide, and they take pride in its fame and heritage.

Today, Velcro Industries continues to be the original and premier manufacturer and innovator of hook and loop fasteners. VELCRO® always tinkering with the VELCRO® Brand concept to find new and interesting ways to use the products and solutions—at home, at work and at play.

With worldwide locations and a presence in more than forty countries, VELCRO® will never be short of ideas, idea-makers, or uncharted territories to explore.

VELCRO® serves a variety of industries including:

  • Packaging
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Apparel
  • Personal Care
  • Construction

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