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Avery DennisonAvery Dennison
Tacon, Tape Converters Holland


TACON - More than tape...
For efficiency and aesthetics from the ground up, adhesive tape products are used within interior and exterior architecture, construction, and the building industries.



From roofing anti slip or sealing tapes.


Carpet protection tapes and mounting carpets or PVC floors.

Wall panels

Mounting wall panels, partitioning systems and acoustic panels.

TACON - More than tape...
We offer a full range of adhesive options and innovative solutions for the signage, POP display, exhibition and awards industry.


POS materials

We have adhesive tapes for graphics, signage and all kind of advertising displays.

Exhibition stands

We offer tapes and hook & loop materials for expositions and exhibitions.


Tapes for branding or just a name sign in the office.

TACON - More than tape...
We can convert a wide variety of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tapes which will improve productivity and efficiency in your plant.



We can convert tapes and pack into your very own private label.


Any width, size, or brand let us know what your are looking for.

After markets

Temporary tapes or permanent solutions you can use it anywhere.

TACON - More than tape...
We converts a wide variety of Medical Grade Adhesive Systems including direct skin contact and adhesives for device fixation. We provides products from leading manufacturers such as Avery Dennison and Nitto.


Skin Contact

Adhering devices, patches and monitors to the skin has become a critical to medicate and monitor health.

Multi-functional layers

We offer medical  adhesives, films, nonwovens, foams, and liners used in medical devices

TACON - More than tape...
We convert a wide range of tapes and films for interior, MRO maintenance, repair and operation applications for planes, boats and trains including surface protection, mounting of plastic parts, carpet fixation and wire harnessing. We convert adhesive tape and related materials for the automotive, boat, train, plane and related transportation industries.


Car Protection

We can die-cut protection foils to any shape.


We offer adhesive solutions for the automotive industry including paint masking tapes, fine line & paint masking tapes.


Many tapes are used in the automotive industry used for the exterior and interior.

TACON - More than tape...
Adhesive tapes and films are used for packaging applications ranging from food contact, bundling, sealing, reinforcing, and fixating merchandise.


Tamper & Evidence

Customizable BOPP anti-tampering adhesive tapes focusing on security and environment..

Food contact

Tapes which are suitable for food contact and increase the product shelf-appeal while reducing weight and cost of packaging.

High bond solutions

High bond tapes can be used low temperature storage.

Let’s introduce to you… our new colleague Lode!

A warm welcome for Lode Faassen, who joins our team as Technical Support Specialist. Since January 2022, the Tacon & Matrixtape team has been strengthened by a new employee, Lode Faassen. As Technical Support Specialist he is responsible for machine development, process optimization, machine maintenance and failure analysis. In 2020 Lode Faassen obtained his degree […]

Case study: IDRO Smart Patch

Co-development of a smart patch that measures real-time lactates in sweat for the purpose of injury prevention. Case study At least 50% of the Dutch population sports once a week, which unfortunately results in injuries at times. Approximately, half of these injuries require medical treatment by a physiotherapist, increasing pressure on healthcare capacity. In addition […]

Selecting the right Converting Partner for Medical Device

The main question in the landscape of medical adhesives is; how do you choose the best medical adhesive to attach one substrate to another? How can you improve the efficiency and accuracy of diagnostic devices? These questions should always be answered already while your wearable device is still on the drawing board. Our extensive network […]