Double-Sided Tapes and Adhesive Transfer Tapes will support you finding the correct bonding solution for your bonding challenge. Both tape families stick to a wide range of materials including plastics, metals, foam, paper and printed graphics, providing a thin, smooth, flexible bond.

Double-Sided Tapes are created with adhesive on both sides of a carrier. This increases the stability of the tape, for easy handling and simplicity of application. Double-Sided Tape’s include both film and tissue carriers, and a choice of performance levels. The one you choose will depend on your demands for temperature and chemical resistance, conformability to irregular surfaces, high shear strength etc. Double-Sided Tapes can be used for a many applications including displays, metal fabrication, signs, furniture trim, print finishing, splicing and die-cut parts.

Adhesive Transfer Tapes are rolls of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) which have been pre-applied to a special release liner. To apply, the tape is pressed adhesive side down to a surface and the liner is peeled off. Many adhesive properties are available, like high tack, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance and adhesion to low or high surface energy materials. Adhesive Transfer Tapes meet virtually any application need, including attaching gaskets, nameplates and graphics.

The Double-Sided Tape and Adhesive Transfer Tape range provides a bonding solution to meet every requirement. Depending on the surface, and application, the product you need will differ in each case. Follow the chart below to assist in choosing the right tape for your needs. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Application ideas

Double-Sided Tapes and Adhesive Transfer Tapes can be used on most surfaces, for a wide variety of applications. The list below is a guide only.

• Point of sale assembly
• Roller blind assembly
• Moulding and plastic extrusion attachment
• Mounting posters, photographs and presentation materials
• Splicing & core starting of paper, films and foils
• Nameplate attachment
• Lamination to foam and rubber sheets & gaskets
• Lamination to graphic overlays
• Bonding of decorative trim, veneers and laminates
• Lightweight sign attachment
• Sample board assembly
• Lampshade assembly

Source: 3MTM Double-Sided Tapes and Adhesive Transfer Tapes – Selection Guide