A question we often get is whether it’s okay to use an adhesive tape that has reached its expiration date.

One adhesive can change faster than another over time. The effects of this aging can go both ways. First, the expired adhesive can be perfect for a particular application. However, when a new ‘fresh’ batch is ordered when it is time to start production, the result will be different. Another problem is if you reject a perfect self-adhesive tape because the old one didn’t work.

What can happen is that a self-adhesive tape does not cure anymore, which is easy to see. But if it works well, it doesn’t automatically get worse once it reaches its expiration date. It is therefore not logical to assume that a test with fresh self-adhesive tape will be better than with an old one. If you’ve done tests with an expired product, always put a test against it with a fresh batch of self-adhesive tape.

How do I know when the expiration date is?

The expiration date of the self-adhesive tape is normally on the box or on a label in the core of the roll. Should this not be found, we can help you.

Of course a tape does not expire on an exact day. The expiration date is a guideline to ensure a good and reliable result.

Important to take into account is that an expiration date is based on a closed packaging that has been stored and shipped under conditioned conditions. For guidelines, please refer to the technical data sheet available from your converters or the manufacturer of the adhesive or tape.

An unopened packaging containing adhesive is, among other things, not subject to moisture, which increases its shelf life. That’s why it’s wise to take into account the size of the packaging and your annual consumption when ordering.

What are the guidelines for expired glue?

The most straightforward way to get even results is to use self-adhesive tapes that have not exceeded their expiration date. While applying the adhesive tape you see that something has changed, perhaps its appearance or adhesion, it is time to evaluate whether it should be used in production. This can always happen even if the expiration date has not yet passed.

Therefore, always check the date on the roll or box. But very important; also make sure you keep the tapes according to the guidelines!

When the expiration date has not been exceeded, consider also the way of application and the surface preparation. Is it High Energy Surface or a Low Enegry Surface? Also check if you use the correct self-adhesive tape. Maybe you need a Double sided tape or a Transfer tape?

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