Philips has received CE Mark certification for its new wearable device; the Healthdot sensor. Certification of the sensor has been prioritized due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Development of the wearable device has been accelerated to support COVID-19 care and alleviate pressure on hospital (bed) capacity.

By combining the new sensor with existing data platforms, Philips wants to support the transition of care in the hospital to the home situation. The Healthdot sensor measures respiratory rate, heart rate, activity and posture of a patient. This vital data is measured by the sensor every five minutes for 14 days. The data can be sent to one or more data platforms without the intervention of a receiver (monitoring relay). Via these platforms Philips IntelliVue Guardian or Philips Engage, healthcare providers can monitor their patients inside and outside the hospital. With this integrated solution, Philips wants to support healthcare providers in offering the right care at the right place within the regional healthcare network of hospitals, GPs and VVT institutions. For the patient, this means that he can recover in his own home situation under the guidance of medical professionals. Care providers can intervene if the vital signs give reason to do so.

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Read the entire press release from Philips here.