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Account Manager Inside Sales
  • Term: Full-time
  • Start: ASAP
  • Duration: Temporarily
  • Location: Weert, NL
  • Opening date: March 4, 2021
  • Deadline: March 31, 2021

Purpose of the position

This is a temporary full-time position for 6 months but with possibility for extension to a full time contract.

The Account Manager Inside Sales takes care of the daily contact between the customer and the organization. The main focus is on product advice and preparing offers with the aim of maximizing turnover and profit as well as maximizing customer satisfaction. The employee will mainly speak to the customers by phone and email, the employee will also be in close contact with the account manager (s) field service, order management and procurement. If requested / necessary, the field service can provide (temporary) support.


Relationship Management

  • Maintaining contact with customers by phone, email or personally in the office.
  • Proactively approaching customers, identifying and responding to customer needs.
  • Organizing and planning appointments, annual appointments and evaluation meetings with customers.
  • Participating in sales meetings on a regular basis and organising work meetings with other relevant departments.


  • Independently answering questions from customers
  • Thinking along with the customer and if necessary offer alternative solutions
  • Communicate complex questions from customers to specialists within the organization and upon receipt of the answer, communicate this to the customer, whereby the account manager remains responsible for its handling.


  • Entering orders, regardless of the source from which the order was received
  • Developing customer requests and quotations including the associated administrative work and follow up in the sales funnel.
  • Entering, processing and following up data as provided by the account manager (s) field.
  • At the request of the customer, sending compliance documents (such as REACH, RohS and supplier statements) which are provided by purchasing.


  • Registering complaints, communicating with the customer in the first instance and creating 8D forms, transferring 8D forms to the person who should handle the form, monitoring the process and ensuring a satisfactory outcome for both parties.
  • Assisting the Account Manager(s) in the field at his/her request and proactively if the situation requires it.


  • Ensuring the highest possible level of customer satisfaction, including by fulfilling agreements made and seeking a workable solution for both parties in the event of complaints.
  • Keeping an eye on matters concerning clients and giving feedback to the relevant internal officers.


  • HBO+ work and thinking level required, preferably with industrial sales experience.
  • Languages: Dutch and English (Required) German is an advantage.

When you are interested, please send your resume including cover letter via the form on the left.

Machine Operator
  • Term: TBD
  • Start date: Fulfilled
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Location: Weert, NL
  • Opening date: Fulfilled
  • Deadline: Fulfilled

Pupose of the position

The production employee performs assisting and executive tasks within the existing production processes and in this way contributes to the realization of semi-finished and/or finished products.


Setting up, checking and operating machines

  • Retrieval of assembly vouchers
  • Collecting the necessary raw materials, possibly in consultation with the logistics department.
  • Setting up production machines
  • Producing semi-finished and finished products in accordance with the specifications on the assembly vouchers

Carrying out quality checks

  • Verifying that the goods produced comply with the specifications as stated on relevant (production) documents
  • Assessing the aesthetic value of the products
  • Reporting deviations and imperfections to Head of Production

Packaging of products in accordance with generic or specific regulations

Cleaning work

  • Cleaning of production machines
  • Small maintenance work on (production) machines
  • Cleaning of the production area
  • Tidying up and keeping the production hall tidy

Any work that reasonably falls within the scope of the position


  • Ensuring that the production environment is tidy and safe \
  • Dealing safely with materials, other substances and machines
  • Delivering products according to specifications and producing as little waste and scrap as possible
  • Dealing with products in such a way that they retain their quality, such as handling, storing and transporting them properly
  • Working independently but consulting the Head of Production if necessary
  • Using the Personal Protective Equipment provided by Tape Converters Holland BV

Required qualifications

  • Minimum LBO work and thinking level
  • An operator training/certification is an advantage.
  • A valid forklift certificate and experience is an advantage.
  • A few years of experience in production environment

If interested please send your resume and cover letter via the form on the left.

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